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What is the Phyllis Spira Trust?

The aim of the Trust is to carry on the incredible legacy that Prima Ballerina Assoluta Phyllis Spira OMSG has left us. She cared so much about the further development and training of classical ballet dancers in this country and the Trust is one way that we can facilitate this.

Annual auditions take place with Dance for All CEO Philip Boyd and a panel of professional dance experts and students selected through this process will be sponsored to further their dance training at a reputable Dance School or Academy, as approved by the Trustees.

Funds donated in memory of Phyllis form the core of the Phyllis Spira Trust. You can become a part of ensuring that her legacy to lives on through dancers of the future by making a donation towards the Trust.

To donate or for further information, contact Dance for All Company Manager Marlene Carstens on 021 697 5509 or

Trustees: Philip Boyd, Marlene Carstens, Eduard Greyling, Peter Mayhew

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